Week 8 3/10
Midterm Due Friday 3/12 9PM

I am posting a worksheet that will be used in the midterm. We will be practicing with this worksheet in class this week so you need to bring The Painting that Ate Paris to class. Please look over the worksheet and see if you have questions. I will provide hardcopy for use in class. I will also pass out hardcopy of the exam at that time.

I had to change the time the Midterm is due because UNM e-mail will be down during Spring Break while they upgrade the Banner system. That process begins on Saturday 3/13 so that makes it VERY VERY important that you send your midterm to rmeredith3@q.com rather than UNM email.

Reading: VLW pp. 45-58

Next week is Spring Break.
Homework Due for Week 9 is posted on Week 9--it is the same as the journal assignment.

If we decide to extend the Midterm due date to week 9 then no homework will be due.