Week 6
2/24 Principles of Design
Reading: VLW pp. 37-40 and supplemental PP

We will be reviewing the McCoud readings and discussing the terminology list during class.

Journal--Post your list of glossary terms and definitions from the McCloud Reading by Tuesday Morning, 3/2.

Formal Analysis Practice Assignment replaces the more complete journal entry and is worth 50 points.
due by e-mail ruthm@unm.edu or rmeredith3@q.com 9AM Saturday 2/27

Note: This assignment is the review for the Midterm as well which will be due Week 8.

Homework: Read the Painting that Ate Paris. Identify the pages in The Painting that Ate Paris that reference the following Historical Movements: DADA, Surrealism, Symbolism, Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism. See PP Modernist Movements for examples from each style. Pick one movement and research what characteristics of its visual style define that movement. E-mail an representative example (jpeg format) of that style with artist name, title of work and date to me by Tuesday Morning for use in class discussion. Due Week 7