Week 1 Intro to Visual Literacy

1/20 What is Sequential Art?
Reading: McCloud Understanding Comics pp 2-23

The powerpoints below illustrate the McCloud reading

Homework: Begin creation of glossary of comic conventions for McCloud reading using the ‘Big If’ Practice exercise available on UNM e-reserves.
Each week, new terms will be added to the page where appropriate. This homework exercise should be kept in your workbook to supplement the formal analysis section.
You will turn it in with the Visual Analysis Practice assignment which is due Week 11.

Homework 2: Create collage using instructions on VLW p. 23 Due Week 2

Journal: Read Ernst's collage novel A Week of Kindness and select an image that represents your interpretation of the work.
Answer the following questions about your chosen image: What is going on in this image? What do you see that makes you think that? How is it related to other images in the work?