Week 15
5/5 Creative Pages due—Assembling the Group Codex

Journal: No Journal

Research Paper Due Wednesday 5/5 at midnight. If I have granted you an extension, it is due when we agreed. R.

Final Exam Assignment
Complete the worksheet for Mirrormask using notes from class. (A word file of that worksheet is posted under Week 15 link.) Turn in that worksheet as part of your final exam. [50 points]
Using specific examples, write a 600 word essay based on one of the following options:

1. Describe how color is used symbolically in the film.
2. Describe how POV is used symbolically in the film.
3. Describe an example of the use of visual hybridity in the film.
4. Describe an example of inter-textual reference in the film.
The essay is worth 150 points.

DUE 5/12 midnight by e-mail attachment to rmeredith3@q.com
I cannot give you any extension for this assignment.