Week 12 4/14 The Codex Espangliensis
Field trip to CSRW will happen today from 10-11:30. We will meet in classroom from 9-9:45AM to discuss the Codex project and I will assign the homework at that time.
The readings and assignments remain almost the same and we will be discussing them in more detail Week 13.

Enrique Chagoya Borderlandia
**Gomez-Pena short performances**
**Pocha Nostra**

Please remember to bring your color wheel so I can mark you off my list.

Optional Reading:
The following reading is an example of a visual analysis that I did of the Codex Espangliensis.

**Performance art**

Journal: No Journal because Field trip report takes its place.

Field Trip report: Do a 300-500 word visual analysis of one of the books from the field trip. Pick the book that you found the most interesting in the exihibit. Describe in detail what made it interesting (some possiblities: subject matter, imagery, materials, binding ????). Send by e-mail to rmeredith3@q.com by Wedesday at Midnight.

Homework Due Week 13:
You will be assigned a work from the power point. Research your assigned inter-textual reference used in The Codex Espangliensis and prepare a 100 word report of the most relevant information including your sources so others can use them if relevant to their page. You will be presenting your research in class Week 13.