Week 11
Correction to Schedule: Field Trip to the CSWR Artist Book Collection will happen next week 4/14. I have added the intro to the Codex Espangliensis to the readings for this week. Other assignments remain the same.

4/7 Art work as object: Artist books
Please bring Codex Espangliensis to class.

Introduction and artist statements from Codex Espangliensis
The Chicano Codices exhibit catalog
Dettmer Altered Books

Optional reading: This file gives detailed instructions about how to create various bindings.

**Julie Chen Book Artist**

The ten minute segment of this video profiling book artist, Julie Chen, begins around 37 minutes into the video. Fast forward to that time if you don't want to watch the whole video.

Homework: Using the guidelines in the file below, write 100 word Proposal for the theme of the Collaborative Codex Project and post it on your student discussion page by Monday. Check out and comment on the themes of 8 other students by Tuesday evening. Due Week 12

Journal: Select a page from the Codex Espangliensis which you would be interested in using for your research paper. Do an interpretation of the page itself paying particular attention to the relationship between words and images and the contributions of each of the collaborators who created the work. Refine your inquiry question based on this page. Post on your discussion tab by Saturday 9AM. Please complete a Formal Analysis worksheet for that page and bring it to class to turn in.