I have been in the military my entire life, so I have no true home. I was born in Okinawa, Japan and have also lived in South Carolina, England, South Dakota, and Hawaii. This is my second semester at UNM.
Over the years, I have found that I have a deep attachment to the environment. My passion focuses on multiple species of animals. My intended major is Biology but I hope to get a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology. I do have some interests in art (whether it be paintings and photography or music and dance). I enjoy all the arts but will most likely be pursuing them outside of UNM in the future.
I enjoy looking at art and have attempted doing some of my own; such as pottery, photography, sketching, and creative writing. All of this occurs outside of a classroom. I have access to some media equipment, such as a color printer and digital camera (but haven't used them much). My experience is limited to:

Visual Arts Background: I have little experience in this area. I do enjoy going to museums or exhibits to view different forms of art. I have no official background, though.
Creative Writing Background: I have little experience in this area. I enjoy writing my own stories but all of them are unfinished. I have no official background in this area.
Graphic Literature: I have little experience in this area. I have read a few examples of graphic literature, such as "Kingdom Come" and some Manga.