I am currently a second semester freshman without much of a clue as to what i want to pursue as a career option, but i am ok with that. Skiing and music take up most of my free time although I do seem to have put a solid damper on my skiing as i sit here typing this with a possibly hyperextended left knee. I enjoy writing and playing all sorts of music from dabbling on the piano and drums to guitar or really any stringed instrument that doesn't require a bow. Other than that, I also love to travel. I spent a semester in the Czech Republic outside of Prague in this little town going to school and studying the culture and am bilingual in Czech for the most part. Someday i hope to expand my travel repertoire to nowhere in particular but as many places as possible if that makes sense.

1. I have no formal training in the visual arts though i do love to paint and draw. Primarily i paint with chinese ink and watercolor and draw in pencil or prismacolor. It is all work of my imaginiation like i said, nothing formal.

2. Once again, i have no formal creative writing background. Coincidentally i AM enrolled in a creative writing class this sememster (Eng 224) and also write music and bad poetry in my spare time. In short, i try to be a creative writer.

3. As far as graphic literature goes, i have read much less than i probably should have for this class. Honestly, i do not read a whole lot and when i do i have to be forced but always end up liking what i read.