I am from Albuquerque and this is my second semester at UNM. Currently I am studying to get a BFA in Studio Art and maybe a minor in something like ecology. My favorite UNM class I have taken so far is Drawing I with Monique Belitz. I have taken many art classes over the course of my schooling and hope to take many more in the future. My favorite 2D medium is drawing but I hope to explore more 3D art like ceramics and sculpture. Outside UNM I like to play tennis (as long as it's not super windy), draw, craft, read, paint, and knit. My favorite tv shows are CSI Las Vegas, Dirty Jobs, and Top Gear. I took a creative writing class my senior year of high school. I have read a couple of graphic novels like 1001 Nights, Maus and lots of manga (Japanese comics).