You MUST have completed your pages for the codex next Wednesday if you want credit for the assignment. If I do not include in it in the final project when I am assembling it during the movie, you will not receive credit. All images and text should be printed on the tan paper and then attached to your vile bolder pages. I will put a supply of the tan paper in my Honors mailbox in the office if you need additional sheets. Do not forget that the folded edge should be on the left. You need to glue the two file folders together before bringing them to class. You will have a chance to add color at the end of class if you don't have supplies. Red, yellow and blue are the three colors we will be using. I wil be preparing a file so you can print and assemble your own copy of the final codex. I will post it on the wiki homepage by Wednesday of Finals Week.

Please do not be late to class since I will be starting the film at the beginning of class--I need to collect your pages to start the final assembly of the codex. Your final exam will be based on that film and I will hand out hardcopy of the assignment at that time.The final exam will be due Wednesday 5/12 at 9AM--there is no extension for that assignment. You may turn it in early if you wish.

I realized that I had not written the due date on the Research Paper Assignment. It is due Wednesday, 5/5 at midnight. If you need an extension, request one by Tuesday morning with a date before Wednesday 5/12, which is the last day I can accept work.
the citation information for the Gomez-Pena video: "Works in Progress: Guillermo Gomez-Pena" The World of Art Annenberg Videos, 1996.
I remind you that you have a variety of research resources in the readings for the last several weeks. Some include the Chagoya internet material, the Chicano Codices exhibit Catalog and my essay on hybridity.
Here is a copy of the PP of sources from Week 13.

Citation Info:
You may use either footnotes or endnotes to cite your sources in the research paper. That way you don't have to do a bibliography or works cited at the end of your paper--just give the full citation info in the notes.
Failure to cite your sources will mean a failing grade for the paper and probably for the course as well so don't forget!